Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I look around and i see change...Things now change rapidly..this industry is under a pressure due to the big changes that are about to come with the rise of digital.

There are many people saying that Advertising will die and things will change. PR will rule the world by using digital weapons to kill traditional advertising, after all who watch TV anymore...

Well in my opinion this is a really good PR technique for PR people to use, but! (in this profession there is always a BUT) i would say that advertising will not die.

I often say that advertising is a form of Art, i remember once writing in a school project that advertising is the Art of the everyday life, because it has the ability to record with the best way the: "how we people live everyday" and even if we like it or not advertising portrays in way our culture. But what exactly happens with the culture of advertising how this culture must change.

Advertising agencies must change and not change names or the way they work they must start to change their culture. The people who work there should open their mind to changes and form a culture that will enable them enter the digital or whatever world is going to come next.

I remember learning in elementary school the basic components of Culture:

a. norms
b. values
c. institutions
d. artifacts

each one of them is as important as the other and all together form a culture. I think the same applies for advertising agencies as well. Those agencies who will realize the upcoming change and change these key components would be the agencies that will play big in the future....most of them hesitate but all of them should remember... rules to be rewritten lines to be redrawn..

Long Live Advertising



Waldemar said...

advertising is art? i don't think i agree on this, i just wrote a (way to long) though on our blog

eva said...

Advertising is art!!!!!!!!!!!
People who try all day to say something clever and "catchy" in a creative and innovative way..... It is art for everybody to understand... It is a forn of art that makes the world go round.... Sometimes it even worths to be on our wall like a painting....

Waldemar said...

yes communication is art, but advertising can only be art if its genuine and not 'closely inspired' by art